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Candle holder

Candle holder 04

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Designed and manufactured in Kyiv

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1. For a better burning experience, trim candle wick before each use.

2. It is 100% beeswax, so it develops a noble patina over time. If you want the color of the candle to become saturated again, just wipe it with a wet sponge.

3. Wax leaves marks on surfaces, so better use a candlestick. Personally, I prefer flat coasters like ours. After burning, the candlestick turns into an abstract painting. If you use our candlestick, insert all the candles tightly at once and make sure that they stand evenly, otherwise the candles can quickly melt each other.

4. Keep candles out of direct sunlight as they may lose color.

5. All candles hate drafts because they melt faster.

Why does Sabi use beeswax?

When burning, natural wax does not emit carcinogens. It is safe for health.

By buying wax from farmers, we support beekeepers and try to popularize beekeeping; this will help increase the bee population, which is decreasing every year, which can lead to big problems in agriculture and the food industry.


Why is color important to Sabi?

Visual effects of any color are vast. It is like music can provoke spiritual vibes. That’s why starting our collection, we made color the basis and the main character.

Black is timeless and powerful. White is light and static — it resists black. Orange is active and cheerful — its movement. Blue is a calm deep ocean. The Sabi palette will allow you to choose colors to match any mood and circumstances.

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Candle holder made of organic glass and aluminum It comes with wax remover It fits FOR MODEL A Ø 17 ММ CANDLE Size, mm: 207 х 245 Designed and manufactured in Kyiv   Concept You look at the transparent candle holder. It’s like a canvas. Wax mixes and forms multi-color paintings. Each candle burns uniquely and becomes a sculpture that decorates the interior
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